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Skyrim: Build My Load Order – Choosing A Character

My Skyrim character is male*

No way my Skyrim character is a female**

*  Source: Skyrim Male by kanagan81
** Girls of Skyrim – Epic Sexy Look Clip – video upload by Frank Sirius

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Upgrades and Custom Builds

Page under construction. In the meantime enjoy a screenie 😉

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Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE): Installing and Running

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Mod Organizer: Introduction

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Purity By Laast and Marie Rose Follower

Purity by Laast
MarieRose Follower v1.0
Update V1.1: only Option HDT_PE-Hair
Tamriel Reloaded – Textures and Parallax by 32cm
(Tamriel Reloaded without ENB)
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SWEETFX BMDD Preset V2 By Choi_Seungmin

BMDD Preset V2
Preset for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Created by Choi_Seungmin
Shader used: SweetFX 1.5

Enhanced Lights and FX by anamorfus

Tamriel Reloaded – Textures and Parallax by 32cm
(Tamriel Reloaded for ENB 1.3 – FOMOD Installer)

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Fire and Ice Overhaul by ApolloDown

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