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Skyrim Modding – Getting Started Pt. 1 – First Downloads

If you haven’t already make an account and install Steam

Go to the Skyrim page either on the website or through the Steam client and buy the game
Install Skyrim
When you’re finished installing your game, your Skyrim folder should look something like this
While your Skyrim/data folder should look like this
Any suggestions, questions or additional support please comment below.

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Skyrim Mods: Installing a Mod manager

In short a mod manager is exactly what the name says it is, it managers your mods. These days there are two main mod managers that people use, one being Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) and the other being Mod organizer (MO). I personally use MO, to me it is by far the best Mod Manager ever made period.

There are many reasons why myself and other MO users recommend Mod Organizer. It’s very powerful software, it completely manages the game, explains conflicts, adjust load orders, you can edit mods much easier with it. I was once asked if I can give one reason why MO is the mod manager to use over NMM and I gave about 50 reasons. I’ll spare you all the details but believe me MO is the better choice.

I also asked many many NMM users to give me one reason that makes NMM better than MO and every single ...

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Skyrim Mods: Linking Your Steam and Nexus Accounts to MO

This is a very simple one time process. Mod Organizer will automatically log into your Steam and Nexus accounts. The set up is very easy just follow these steps. Oh and no worries your personal information is not shared.. It is only for username and password storage.

Now let’s see if it works, select the Skyrim Launcher from the drop down menu and click run. Note if you are subscribed to any mods on the Steam Workshop they will be downloaded into Mod Organizers overwrite folder. This will be explained fully later but best for now to unsubscribed to any mods you may have previously done so before installing MO.

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Skyrim Mods: Installing SKSE with MO

Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) is to Skyrim the same as a high performance carburetor is to a 57 Chevy. It is the heart of mods… Not all mods need SKSE but those with heart do.. something to keep in mind 🙂

SKSE was developed by the following people, Ian Patterson, Stephen Abel and Paul Connelly (ianpatt, behippo and scruggsywuggsy the ferret)

SKSE can be found by going here

You have several options to install SKSE, I recommend using the SKSE installer.. it’s fast and easy to use.

Just download and install but Wait! You’ll probably get this –

Which will lead to this
So just do this 
Since MO will be controlling SKSE for you, then you won’t need the desktop short cut so uncheck it and then install. Once SKSE is installed then close it.
Now your Skyrim main folder will look l...
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Skyrim Modding: moving your DLC to Mod Organizer

This next step is completely optional but if you want control over your Skyrim DLC such as Dawnguard or Dragonborn then follow these simple steps to move all extra downloadable content to Mod Organizer. Again please note this is optional and not needed at all for beginners but you may find this method useful once you become comfortable with modding and wish to do advance techniques within your mods.  

The high texture packs will take several minutes to become a zip file.
This is very important, after you made your zip files go to your Steam client and un-check the boxes within the red circle.
Highlight and cut the newly made zip files
Paste them into your Mod Organizerdownloads
It should look like this when done
In MO it will look like this, go ahead and install all ...
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Skyrim Mods: Installing Tes5edit

Tes5edit is a vital tool for modding Skyrim successful. The latest version can be downloaded from The Nexus site.

Make sure you download the latest version. At this point it does not matter which folder you download Tes5edit in.
Once you have the zip file, extract it using your preferred zip program. I use 7-Zip which can be download for free here
By following the picture below you can right click on the Tes5edit zip file and then choose “extract files”. 

This will create a new folder within the same folder that you downloaded Tes5edit.
Go into the newly created folder of Tes5edit. Holding down the CTRL key and left clicking each file will select the files all at once...
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Skyrim Mods: Integrating Tes5edit Into Mod organizer

Just like with SKSE you add Tesedit to MO using the little gear icon

Once added you will see it along with the other executables 
If you scroll down you’ll see the tes5edit icon
If you like you can add Tes5edit to your toolbar
The Tes5edit icon will appear on your toolbar, this is my preferred method but it’s not necessary. 
Clicking the tes5edit icon will launch the program. You can close this out for now.
After closing Tes5edit you’ll notice the warning icon will light up and have a number 1 in it. Also a message of potential problems. There is nothing to worry about.. This just means Tes5edit created a log and placed it in your overwrite folder.
Clicking the Overwrite text will bring up a new window and it is there you’ll see the txt log from Tes5edit.
Right click...
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