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Skyrim Mods: Best TES Related Facebook Groups to Join

This is a listing of two of the best Skyrim groups on Facebook that one can join to either share suggestions, questions and comments.

I’ve interacted with a lot of different Skyrim related Facebook groups and to be honest most of them are garbage. Many are run by administrators that just have issues and like to argue, call people out and generally give members a hard time. I don’t know I guess their lives suck so bad that they get off when they feel they have their ePenis in their hand.

With that said on to the two best groups you’ll find on facebook when it comes to Skyrim modding. 🙂

My personal favorite group is called Skyrim Nexus Mods. Which can be found here

This group is very informative, keep members updated on recent mods, a s...
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Skyrim Mods: Manually Installing Interesting NPC’s

Many Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) users have reported trouble when installing the Interesting NPC mod. Although the latest version of NMM is supposed to have a fix for this issue it seems that there are still many having trouble with it such as the manager freezing, missing files after install etc… Because of this it is highly recommended that you do a manual install of INPC when using NMM. Please note Mod Organizer (MO) users, just install this mod as you do with all your mods. It’s fast, painless, no freezing or missing files.
Okay let’s begin go to the mod page on Nexus
Click the file tab, as of this date the top two files should be downloaded manually. They are big files and it may take a while so be patient.
You can also scroll down t...
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