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Erika the Assassin Follower

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Diana The Pure Vampire Follower Photo shoot

Amazing Screen Archery by Marmotte

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Pure Vampire Follower Coming Soon! 

Featuring Diana Face Preset from Marmotte

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Akemi The Snow Elf Follower 3.0 Now Available!

Akemi The Snow Elf Follower

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Dyna The Vampire Follower

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MAFK: Using NifMerge, Nifskope and TES5EDIT

Okay this is real easy, open the folder that contains the chargen you made in Racemenu and open the folder where your new chargen was created using ctrl and f4 in CK

The paths will look something like this


meshesactorscharacterFaceGenDataFaceGeomMAKE_A_FOLLOWER_KIT.esp ( will be name that you gave the the esp file)

Now open Nifmerge

1- Drag and drop the facegen you made in Racemenu

2 – Drag and drop the facegen you made in CK

3 – Check box Merge Child Nodes

4 – Click Match by Vertex

5 – Merge to target

Close Nifmerge and open the newly merge nif file in NifSkope

It will be in the following folders

1 – click on the first “NiTriShape” you see in NifSkope

2 – click on BSLightingShaderproperty and then cli...

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MAFK: Using Creation Kit

I have good news! Almost all of the work in Creation Kit has already been done for you. All you’re going to need to do is change a few names, direct your textures with the right paths, put some armor and weapons in your inventory, choose some spells, perks and edit your race.

At this point you’re roughly 80% complete and close to making a new follower…

Let’s continue:

Open Ck and do the same as in the pictures. (remember to rename your esp to your followers name or whatever name you like to give it.)

Step 1: in the object window type “make_a”

Step 2: what the bottom of the left window pane click all

Step 3: double click each editor id and replace “MAKE_A_FOLLOWER” With the name you want to use...

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MAFK: Replacing Meshes.

Similar to “replacing textures” post we will now replace the body meshes.. Go to the body you want to use..

I’ll be using UNPB for this example..

Copy the meshes

Go into your mesh folder, choose to overwrite all files within your followers folder

Notice that the femalehead.nif was not included with the UNPB meshes. It’s okay you can either use the femalehead.nif that is already in the folder or if you’re using textures that come with it’s own head mesh then use that.
Note: only the femalehead.nif file is a real mesh, all other nif files that come with the Make A Follower Kit are empty placeholders and should be either replaced or deleted.
You’ll see the sub folders, extras, eyes, hair and mouth...
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MAFK: Replacing The Textures

At this time you should have the required tools, body meshes, textures, Racemenu facegen preset, renamed the esp file and renamed the followers two folders. If not then please go back and do so before continuing,

Next replace the body and head textures – Unzip the textures that you plan to use for body, head, eyes, mouth and brows and overwrite the placeholder textures in their rightful folders.

Let’s use Fair Skin Complexion as an example:

Here we see the path for Fair Skin, if using NMM then these files should be directly in your skyrim/data folder.. But for NMM users I advise unzipping the Fair Skin mod manually in it’s own folder to avoid any possible conflicts.

In the picture you see folders for the different races and one for female, click the female folder and enter it.


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