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JadeyEliza Followers A Mod By Ashes2Asherz – Meet and Greet

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Asherz and JadeyEliza Team Up for Jadey Followers

Asherz and JadeyEliza team up for Jadey Followers.

This follower pack has everything a player needs for a full group, tank, dps, mob control and healer or recruit individually to meet your personal follower preference. 

Still in the alpha stages but should be ready for release for Skyrim and SSE in the very near future..
This follower pack features the facegen creation of JadeyEliza along with custom follower creation by Ashes2Asherz.
A little about the characters:
Nanyah is a Battle hardened warrior with Blunt and pushy personality and Most definitely not a people person. 
Custom warrior “The Duelist” build
Nillen is a mother who has lost her child, she is very wise and compassionate.
Custom Frost mage build “The Ice Queen” 
Faylin  keeps to herself so n...
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Nanyah Race preset by Jade

I was searching racemenu presets for some ideas on a new follower and came across a mod author that goes by the name of  JadeyEliza. She does very nice work so here’s a link to her Nexus profile in case anyone reading this is interested in trying her face presets.

I love the Nexus, Skyrim wouldn’t be the same without it but it saddens me when I see so many good mods that fall off the front page too quick and are barely noticed by the users on the site..

So let’s give Jade’s presets a try and if you like them, endorse and throw a kudo her way.

Nanyah Race preset by Jade

I turn one of her face presets into a follower, here’s a screenshot of it…

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MAFKit 2017 – Make A Follower Kit Remastered

Make a Follower Kit is being redone to offer the user much more ease in creating custom followers. Anyone who ever opened the Creation Kit knows that it takes a lot of work to make even some of the slightest changes.. MAFKit 2017 is a Kit that can be used to create your own custom followers, npcs and replacers with most of the work already done in the CK.

Here are a few new things added that are not found in the original MAFKit.

Approximately 90% of the creation process in the CK is done. As soon as you change the name of the esp and load it in the CK you’re then only a few clicks from completing all the work needed in the CK.

Over a dozen unique character personas and classes to choose from. All can be easily changed and updated at any time...

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Coming Soon, Diana the Vampire Follower Remastered

To Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition..

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