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Skyrim Followers – The Widowmaker

coming soon!

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Skyrim Mods – The Infused Warrior Skin Textures By Asherz

Infused Warrior Skin Textures By Asherz
credits real girl textures, FSC, SG, Caliente, Dimon

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Skyrim Mods – Side by Side Skin Texture Comparison

Side by side comparison of skin textures, including mash ups. Use this page for referencing different skins and to help you decide which skin combination is best for you. Most skins can be found on the Nexus but for those that aren’t on the Nexus you’ll have to google to find them.















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Skyrim Followers Saige the Alchemist

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Skyrim Followers – Dalmerie High Elf Battle Mage

Dalmerie High Elf Battle Mage Follower by Asherz

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Dagny the Follower by Asherz

Dagny a thief assassin nord follower. Available on Nexus Mods
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(MAFKit) Workshop For 2017 – Pt 6 Creation Kit

Now you’re probably thinking “now comes the hard part” well no worries, I have already done almost all the work in the CK..

You’re going to go into the Creation Kit, change a few forms around.. Change a lot of ID names which kind of sucks but still almost everything will be done for you. I have come up with a plan that will make the CK experience as easier as possible.. I don’t think it can be any easier then how I have it set up now…

So go ahead and open the CK and click your esp then set to active and okay…

Yes to all for any windows that pop up.. just do it.. it is the way of the modder to ignore all warnings in the CK 🙈🙉🙊
Once inside the Creation Kit follow this short video guide series..

Workshop series to be continued… Topic –
Cleaning with TES5Edit
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(MAFKit) Workshop For 2017 – Pt 5 Retrieving The Hair, Eye, Brow Textures and Meshes

The MAFKit Workshop already comes with all the necessary eye and brow meshes but you will need the textures that you want to use. As well as the hair meshes and textures that will be used for your follower.

Since the facegen has been made in Racemenu, all you need to do is open the nif file of the preset that you plan to use.

Go into your SKSE folder, NMM users it should be in Skyrim/data for MO it should be in your mods or overwrite folders.. Once there open the Nif file with Nifskope.

Just watch this short video on how to gather the rest of the textures and meshes.. don’t mind my dialect, English isn’t my first language.. Gibberish is…

Once all that is done, we can proceed to the Creation Kit. Click the Button
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(MAFKit) Workshop For 2017 – Pt 4 Gathering The Tools Needed

Much like my previous Make A Follower Kit there are tools and mods that we’ll need.

So let’s make a list…



Make A Follower Kit


Creation Kit (found on Steam under tools)



Also recommended

Alternative Start Live another life

With Alternate Start you can start a new game and go straight into character creation.

I’m guessing you already have a face preset in mind that you want to use for your follower, if not then now is a pretty good time to go into the game and make one 🙂

There are a few bits of information you’ll need during the character creation screen. Watch this very short two minute video for what you’ll need.

If you made a custom hair color then you’ll need the RGB numbers for it. You can just do what I did and screenshot it for later use.

If ...

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(MAFKit) Workshop For 2017 – Pt 3 Exploring the Textures Folder

The MAFKit Workshop 2017 comes with Fair Skin Complexion Textures version 9.1 by HHaleyy.

If you wish to use different textures then please use the custom_body folder.

Much like the Meshes folder, in the textures folder you’ll see 0_MAFKit folder.. Think of this folder as your own little community for the custom followers that you’ll be making..

Upon entering the 0_MAFKit folder you’ll see three more folders named body, face and hair.
Inside the body folder you’ll see your chosen body type. In the picture below all the current body types are shown but you’ll only have one body type unless you downloaded more than one option. Which is perfectly fine. MAFKit is set up in a way not to conflict with other options on the MAFKit download page.
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