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Skyrim Mods: Sorority Girls of Skyrim ISO Armor Mods

Well, as some of you know I put together a 10 follower pack in 1 esp plugin a few days ago. There’s still a few fixes that need to be done but nothing major. My biggest issue right now is finding armor to use with the mod.

The girls will be placed around the college of Winterhold, any lore or non-lore friendly armor mods that are robes, student type clothing would be great.. I’m open to any and all suggestions..

These followers are going on the Nexus and will need permission from the armor mod authors that I choose.





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Mafkit Healer Addon A Make A Follower Extension Mod For Skyrim

Turn any follower you want into a healer or start from scratch and build your own healer follower with the Make A Follower Kit Healer Addon.

Now Live on the Nexus
Extremely lightweight but effective way to turn any follower into a healer. The MAFKit Healer Addon works as a stand-alone for making new followers from scratch or as an extension for turning any follower in the game whether they are vanilla or custom modded into a healer.
No Scripts
No Modded Dependencies
No Hassles
Just a very easy to use game friendly plugin that works with LE, SSE and on consoles.
Watch the quick video guide to turn any existing follower into a healer.
Or watch this video first to see how to create your own follower using the MAFKit Workshop 2017


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