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Skyrim Mods Asherz Followers Combat Rating

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Akemi the Snow Elf 2b Cosplay

Skyrim Mods: Akemi the Snow Elf 2b Cosplay

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Skyrim Mods: Sorority Girls of Skyrim Live on the Nexus

What do you do with a bunch of misfit ladies that can’t keep themselves out of trouble?

You send them to reform school or in this situation the College of Winterhold.

Under the watchful and caring eye of their leader Akari these girls formed a bond that can never be broken, even in death. Some of the girls were already formidable practitioners of magic while some developed their craft for the first time between the college walls and for a few they just don’t get magic at all and rely heavily on the weapons they wield.
Ten girls all from different backgrounds that now live together, eat together, train together and fight together, all yearn for the same thing, adventure. They eagerly await for a hero to walk through the college gates and take them to places they have yet to experience.
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Skyrim Mods Followers: Matasan, Caisa, Argonian Half Breed

Teeny Breton-Argonian Half Breeds-UNP-CBBE STANDALONE by shrinkydink67

Caisa Standalone Follower by Sleepytigereyes

Matasan Follower by Souyu

Akemi The Snow Elf Follower by Ashes2Asherz

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