This next step is completely optional but if you want control over your Skyrim DLC such as Dawnguard or Dragonborn then follow these simple steps to move all extra downloadable content to Mod Organizer. Again please note this is optional and not needed at all for beginners but you may find this method useful once you become comfortable with modding and wish to do advance techniques within your mods.  

The high texture packs will take several minutes to become a zip file.
This is very important, after you made your zip files go to your Steam client and un-check the boxes within the red circle.
Highlight and cut the newly made zip files
Paste them into your Mod Organizerdownloads

It should look like this when done
In MO it will look like this, go ahead and install all the DLC.
Unless a mod comes with it’s own installer always choose manual when installing a mod into MO. Pic example below.
When you see “looks Good” in green on the lower right corner of the window, then click okay.
When you’re finished with installing a mod make sure you check them.
Then sort them

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