Tes5edit is a vital tool for modding Skyrim successful. The latest version can be downloaded from The Nexus site.

Make sure you download the latest version. At this point it does not matter which folder you download Tes5edit in.
Once you have the zip file, extract it using your preferred zip program. I use 7-Zip which can be download for free here
By following the picture below you can right click on the Tes5edit zip file and then choose “extract files”. 

This will create a new folder within the same folder that you downloaded Tes5edit.
Go into the newly created folder of Tes5edit. Holding down the CTRL key and left clicking each file will select the files all at once. Once all selected right click and scroll down to “copy” and left click on it.
Go into your Skyrim/data folder and paste the files in it.

Congratulations you’ve just installed Tes5edit. Proceed to Part two for instructions on how to integrate Tes5edit with MO.

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