Just like with SKSE you add Tesedit to MO using the little gear icon

Once added you will see it along with the other executables 
If you scroll down you’ll see the tes5edit icon
If you like you can add Tes5edit to your toolbar
The Tes5edit icon will appear on your toolbar, this is my preferred method but it’s not necessary. 
Clicking the tes5edit icon will launch the program. You can close this out for now.
After closing Tes5edit you’ll notice the warning icon will light up and have a number 1 in it. Also a message of potential problems. There is nothing to worry about.. This just means Tes5edit created a log and placed it in your overwrite folder.
Clicking the Overwrite text will bring up a new window and it is there you’ll see the txt log from Tes5edit.
Right clicking on the overwrite text will give you several options. We’ll going to use “create new mod” option. 
Once you select create new mod a window will come up asking you to name the new mod. I put “Tes5edit log” as the name of the mod. 
Now you’ll see the new mod is created, this never needs to be checked. This folder only holds text logs from Test5edit. In all honesty you don’t even need to save them. You could just delete the logs as they come into your overwrite folder but saving them is a good idea if you ever want to use the logs for reference.

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