In short a mod manager is exactly what the name says it is, it managers your mods. These days there are two main mod managers that people use, one being Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) and the other being Mod organizer (MO). I personally use MO, to me it is by far the best Mod Manager ever made period.

There are many reasons why myself and other MO users recommend Mod Organizer. It’s very powerful software, it completely manages the game, explains conflicts, adjust load orders, you can edit mods much easier with it. I was once asked if I can give one reason why MO is the mod manager to use over NMM and I gave about 50 reasons. I’ll spare you all the details but believe me MO is the better choice.

I also asked many many NMM users to give me one reason that makes NMM better than MO and every single answer was the same. I was told NMM is easier to use. I thought about it for a while. NMM is certainly easier to get started with but overall it is not nearly as easy to use as MO. Sure MO has a slight learning curve to it before getting the most out of it but in the long run it’s far superior and easier to manage Skyrim with rather than NMM.

The problem is that these same NMM users that think MO is too hard to use never made it past the learning curve either because they didn’t have the ability to understand or they were too lazy to take a few extra minutes to understand.

My goal with this blog is to help others get through the learning curve quickly and see for themselves how much better and easier MO is to use over other mod managers.

So to start you will want a clean install of Skyrim. The reason for this is because the Skyrim data folder will no longer hold any extra files. MO builds a virtual bridge between mods and the vanilla game. With the exception of shaders, ENBs etc.. (which I’ll discuss later) your original game will always stay the same and unlike other mod managers no harm will come to it.

Next you will need Mod Organizer, the latest version can be downloaded from the Nexus site here 

Next download the latest installer (circled in the pic below)
Once downloaded, go to the folder the installer is in and click to install
Keep clicking next until you get to this selection of the installer window
Next choose the hard drive and folder MO will be installed on. You do not need to have it in your Skyrim folder or even on the hard drive, you can put it anywhere. Just make sure you have lots of space since you’ll be downloading mods later.
Finish download and run
Browse and select your Skyrim folder file
choose whether or not to see the tutorial. If this is your first time with MO then probably a good idea, you can always come back to here afterwards or if you want to just follow my tutorial to get in the game quicker then that’ll work too 🙂
Taa-daa! MO is now installed

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