This is a listing of two of the best Skyrim groups on Facebook that one can join to either share suggestions, questions and comments.

I’ve interacted with a lot of different Skyrim related Facebook groups and to be honest most of them are garbage. Many are run by administrators that just have issues and like to argue, call people out and generally give members a hard time. I don’t know I guess their lives suck so bad that they get off when they feel they have their ePenis in their hand.

With that said on to the two best groups you’ll find on facebook when it comes to Skyrim modding. 🙂

My personal favorite group is called Skyrim Nexus Mods. Which can be found here

This group is very informative, keep members updated on recent mods, a strong community that enjoys answering any questions some may have. A great place to share screen shots, keep updated, get direct responses from mod authors and experienced users. There is not enough good things I can say about this group. It’s run very well and if you could only choose one group to join this would be the one I would recommend. The group is run by Brandon Hortman as well as others listed in the pic on the right.

The next group is called The Screenarcher Society which is not necessarily a Skyrim only group but as with most game modding groups, Skyrim has a dominant presence within the group. This groups main focus is sharing screen shots, you’ll find some very artistic screen shots from some of your favorite games here. The Screenarcher Society also shares valuable information such as ENB,s sweetfx, reshaders etc.. and how to get the most from them. This group is run again by Brandon Hortman, what can I say, I like the guys neutral stance and calm persona. He’s earn a lot of respect from the gaming communities on facebook for being not only knowledgeable but for being an all around good guy.  Any group run by Brandon is a group worth checking out.

The ScreenArcher Society can be found here

In both of these groups you’ll find regular post by some of the most well respected, best modders and screen archers on Facebook. Such people as Ed Szymanowski, Jake Santa Ana, Eddie Whitton, Melissa St.James, Kealan Pfrang, Reanna Oldenburg just to name a few.

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