Many Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) users have reported trouble when installing the Interesting NPC mod. Although the latest version of NMM is supposed to have a fix for this issue it seems that there are still many having trouble with it such as the manager freezing, missing files after install etc… Because of this it is highly recommended that you do a manual install of INPC when using NMM. Please note Mod Organizer (MO) users, just install this mod as you do with all your mods. It’s fast, painless, no freezing or missing files.
Okay let’s begin go to the mod page on Nexus
Click the file tab, as of this date the top two files should be downloaded manually. They are big files and it may take a while so be patient.

You can also scroll down the optional file list and download any options that are relevant to your Skyrim build. All of these options are much smaller in size and you should be able to install easily through NMM. However is a window pops up asking if you want to install the new version then select “No” this is very important because if you don’t select no NMM will likely move the old files without replacing them with new ones.. Meaning you will have missing files.. After selecting No, NMM will ask if you wish to replace existing files, select “Yes” and overwrite them. Please follow these instructions exactly. I believe most of the time when someone is having trouble installing Interesting NPC’s that this is the reason why.

Next go to the folder where you download the interesting NPC zip files, right click them and extract the files using your Zip file program of choice. I personally use 7-zip which can be downloaded at this site but most Zip programs work just find with the exception of WinRar which has a limited amount of characters per path and may break files do to the long paths some of these files are in.

Extract the update Zip file as well.
Remember there are a lot of files in this mod and it’ll take a minute or two to fully extract so be patient.
After you open the Zip files you’ll have two folders, one for each zip file extracted.  Left click and go into the main folder, the one marked 3DNPC_v309-8429-3-09 or whatever version you’re using.
The first thing you’ll see is a folder named data, left click and go into that folder.
Inside the data folder you’ll see the files and folders that contain the INPC mod.
What you’re going to need to do is copy and paste these files into your Skyrim game. 
The best way to do this is by going back to where your data folder is at. Right click it and select copy.
Then go to where your Skyrim game is installed. Usually it’s the path listed in the picture above. You’ll see in your skyrim folder another folder named data. This is where the files will go. 
Right click anywhere in your Skyrim folder and choose paste.
Click yes
You know have Interesting NPC’s installed. 
Go to your mod manager or the Skyrim launcher and make sure the esp file is checked. Repeat these steps when installing the 3npc update patch and when asked choose to overwrite existing files.
You are now ready to play using the Interesting NPC mod. Enjoy 🙂
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