First load Skyrim and go into Racemenu.

*TIP – Use Alternate Start: Live Another Life and start a new game. This will take you directly to Racemenu

While in Racemenu either load the preset you want to make into a follower or create the followers look now. Once you have the follower’s look finished you would need to make a note of the following:

*TIP – (Instead of a note a screenshot like what I have on this post would be fine)

Skin color used.

Body Weight (example a body weight of .5 in Racemenu will be a body weight of 50 in Creation Kit or .2 in Racemenu will be a body weight of 20 in Creation Kit and so on)

Name of Eyes used

Name of Brows used

Name of Hair used

Hair Color used

Body Height

Once you have all the information needed then export your facegen. It will be saved in the SKSE/plugin/chargen folders.

TIP: Rename the exported facegen to a name that you’ll easily recognize.


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