Similar to “replacing textures” post we will now replace the body meshes.. Go to the body you want to use..

I’ll be using UNPB for this example..

Copy the meshes

Go into your mesh folder, choose to overwrite all files within your followers folder

Notice that the femalehead.nif was not included with the UNPB meshes. It’s okay you can either use the femalehead.nif that is already in the folder or if you’re using textures that come with it’s own head mesh then use that.
Note: only the femalehead.nif file is a real mesh, all other nif files that come with the Make A Follower Kit are empty placeholders and should be either replaced or deleted.
You’ll see the sub folders, extras, eyes, hair and mouth. With the exception of hair most texture replacers for eyes and mouth don’t come with a mesh (nif file) if this happens to be the case with you, then simply delete the eye and mouth folders. If you do have a mesh for eyes or mouths then keep the folder and replace the nif files with the meshes that you have.
For the hair file go into the meses folder of the hair you’re using, find the correct nif file name that matches the hair textures that you’re using then copy and paste them here meshesactorscharacter_MAKE_A_FOLLOWER_KIT_ (make_a_follower renamed already by you)
*Note not all hair meshes will have the same name as the hair textures. If this is happening to you, then leave it for now and I’ll explain it later in the tutorial.
Once the meshes are completed proceed to next page.

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