At this time you should have the required tools, body meshes, textures, Racemenu facegen preset, renamed the esp file and renamed the followers two folders. If not then please go back and do so before continuing,

Next replace the body and head textures – Unzip the textures that you plan to use for body, head, eyes, mouth and brows and overwrite the placeholder textures in their rightful folders.

Let’s use Fair Skin Complexion as an example:

Here we see the path for Fair Skin, if using NMM then these files should be directly in your skyrim/data folder.. But for NMM users I advise unzipping the Fair Skin mod manually in it’s own folder to avoid any possible conflicts.

In the picture you see folders for the different races and one for female, click the female folder and enter it.

Highlight only the files you need to replace the place holder files and copy.

Then go to texturesactorscharacter_MAKE_A_FOLLOWER_KIT_ (remember the last folder is now renamed for your follower) and paste the body, hand and head textures, choosing to overwrite all. If you are using a nude mesh then delete the underwear textures.

If you want to use normal maps for a certain race then go into that race folder (refer to pic at top of post) then copy femalehead_msn file and choose to overwrite it over the femalehead_msn that you already have in the folder with the body and hands textures. By default the femalehead_msn is used by nords.

Note: The next folder within your newly named follower folder is called “Extras” this can be ignored for this tutorial but if you ever decide to add custom armor or anything for that matter this folder can be used to store it.

Go to the folder that holds the eyes you want to use and copy the needed textures. In this example I’m using Mikan eyes and only need to copy one texture

After the Extras folder is the “Eyes” folder. go into it and paste your copied eye texture. As you can see Mikan does not come with eyes that end with _n, _sk or mask_m. That’s okay it just means that the eye texture relies on the vanilla skyrim textures to complete the eye. Which I will show you later once in creation kit. For now you can delete the extra place holder files, including the file named “” if the eyes you use do have the added textures then put them in the folder.

For eye brows I’m using Maevan eyebrows (found on the nexus) I chose the eyebrow I want and there is also a texture that has the _n. before the extension (.dds) So I copy both files and paste them into my follower folder.
 Note: many brow textures do not come with the file, if this is the case for you then simply delete the extra placeholder file. Like with the eye textures, the brow texture will rely on the vanilla skyrim textures for any you don’t have.

Repeat the same procedure for hair folder. The hair you choose must have a file to go along with it. Some hair files will have a different texture for the hairline also.. So search your chosen hair texture folders for all the needed hair textures.
Continue with the mouth folder, if you have mouth textures, then copy and paste. if you don’t have the then delete the placeholder. If you don’t have any mouth textures then delete the mouth folder.
Once all the textures are in the proper folders move onto the next page.

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