Okay this is real easy, open the folder that contains the chargen you made in Racemenu and open the folder where your new chargen was created using ctrl and f4 in CK

The paths will look something like this


meshesactorscharacterFaceGenDataFaceGeomMAKE_A_FOLLOWER_KIT.esp ( will be name that you gave the the esp file)

Now open Nifmerge

1- Drag and drop the facegen you made in Racemenu

2 – Drag and drop the facegen you made in CK

3 – Check box Merge Child Nodes

4 – Click Match by Vertex

5 – Merge to target

Close Nifmerge and open the newly merge nif file in NifSkope

It will be in the following folders

1 – click on the first “NiTriShape” you see in NifSkope

2 – click on BSLightingShaderproperty and then click on BSShaderTextureSet

3 – click on textures in the window below

4 – direct texture paths to go to your followers folder.

Once you do that you’ll have a path that looks like this

d:steamsteamappscommonmod organizermods*name of followertexturesactorscharacter*follower foldermouthmouthhuman.dds

or if you use NMM it will look like this


This will have to be changed to only show this part

texturesactorscharactername of followermouthmouthhuman.dds

anything before “textures” must be removed.

Repeat this process for every BSShaderTextureSet within a NiTriShape block.

After you’re done choose overwrite and save.

Now if you have any meshes for eyes, mouths, brows as well as femalehead then repeat the same process of changing the paths for each BSShaderTextureSet.

This doesn’t have to be done for the body, feet and hands.. the texture sets we made in CK will override the paths they currently have.


Open Your followers esp file in TES5EDIT once it’s done loading, right click and select “Apply for cleaning” Once that is done, check to see if your follower mod is clean. It should be green and yellow which is good. 🙂

Use this following comparison from TES5Edit to determine if you may have an issue..

Background color:
White – Single Record
Green – Multiple but no conflict
Yellow – Override without conflict’);
Red – Conflict

Text color:
Black – Single Record
Purple – Master
Gray – Identical to Master
Orange – Identical to Master but conflict Winner’);
Green – Override without conflict
Orange – Conflict winner
Red – Conflict loser

One more page to go! Just a quick wrap up 😀
 Help my facegen in CK is weird!

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