Make a Follower Kit is being redone to offer the user much more ease in creating custom followers. Anyone who ever opened the Creation Kit knows that it takes a lot of work to make even some of the slightest changes.. MAFKit 2017 is a Kit that can be used to create your own custom followers, npcs and replacers with most of the work already done in the CK.

Here are a few new things added that are not found in the original MAFKit.

Approximately 90% of the creation process in the CK is done. As soon as you change the name of the esp and load it in the CK you’re then only a few clicks from completing all the work needed in the CK.

Over a dozen unique character personas and classes to choose from. All can be easily changed and updated at any time. If you want to make your follower a DPS Ranger then simply just add it with one click to your followers character sheet. Many choices to choose from. Here are a few, a sword and shield tank, an Assassin specialist, Priest, cleric, archer, berserker barbarian, Thief, tradesman, pack mules, Paladin, Nerco, storm mage, fire mage, frost mage, conjurer, duel wield warriors, vampires, werewolves and more!

Unique scripts, AI packages, attack data etc…

Everything neatly packed in proper folder structure, supporting over a dozen different body types. All forms in the CK numbered and already patched to the correct locations.

Unique vampire creation, fangs, biting, blood galore!

Complete instructions to help you through every step of the creation process. Just unzip the files and follow the guided messages on the folders to pick the body style you want to use.

Release date – 11-25-2016 *EDIT um… it’s the 25th and I’m not finish with it yet >_<  I’ll update when ready to publish.


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