Asherz and JadeyEliza team up for Jadey Followers.

This follower pack has everything a player needs for a full group, tank, dps, mob control and healer or recruit individually to meet your personal follower preference. 

Still in the alpha stages but should be ready for release for Skyrim and SSE in the very near future..
This follower pack features the facegen creation of JadeyEliza along with custom follower creation by Ashes2Asherz.
A little about the characters:
Nanyah is a Battle hardened warrior with Blunt and pushy personality and Most definitely not a people person. 
Custom warrior “The Duelist” build
Nillen is a mother who has lost her child, she is very wise and compassionate.
Custom Frost mage build “The Ice Queen” 
Faylin  keeps to herself so not much is known about her but she is a very violent person and always keeps a hood or mask on to hide her face. She is an assassin and Archer. 
Custom “The Shao’kai Assassin” build
Anoura is a redgaurd warrior she uses a battleaxe  she is very mysterious and strange ( Her personality is similar to Tates from american horror story)
Custom barbarian build “The Berserker”
Mila is an expert battle mage in the imperial army both of her parents were imperials but were killed in a siege. She is very loyal and loving she is a person who would never back down or turn on her friends or the Empire.
Custom cleric build “The Arch Templar”

(Note not all builds in the video)
As always followers done by Asherz will be released and exclusive to the Nexus only. 
Still a neck seam issue but will be dealt with and fixed.

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