Once you go into the meshes folder you’ll see another folder called 0_MAFKit, This folder is the gateway to all the meshes that you’ll need. For the MAFKit to work properly, it is advised to not change the name of this folder. This folder is the key to save you a huge amount of time once you’re in the Creation Kit.

Inside the MAFKit folder are four more folders, body, face, hair and head. We’ll explore these folders quickly to get you familiar with the system I use to create followers.


Inside the body folder will be another folder which contains the body that you chosen from the MAFKit download page on the Nexus. In the pic below, you can see all the body types currently available for the MAFKit, as well as a custom_body folder which will be discussed later.


Inside the body type folder you’ll see the body meshes..


Depending on whether you have downloaded an HDT body or not, you’ll see another folder named HDT.


Inside the face folder you’ll see three more folders named brows, eyes and mouth.


In each of the face folders you’ll find everything you need to make a follower, including meshes and tri files..




Inside the hair folder you’ll see two more folders, one containing an example of KS hairs and the other SG. It is a good idea to keep different hair mods in their own separate folders because as your custom follower library grows, you want to avoid any conflicts that can possibly happen.



The last folder contains the head meshes and tri files.


Now that we explored the mesh folder, let’s back out of it and go into the texture folder. Click the button to continue.

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