The MAFKit Workshop 2017 comes with Fair Skin Complexion Textures version 9.1 by HHaleyy.

If you wish to use different textures then please use the custom_body folder.

Much like the Meshes folder, in the textures folder you’ll see 0_MAFKit folder.. Think of this folder as your own little community for the custom followers that you’ll be making..

Upon entering the 0_MAFKit folder you’ll see three more folders named body, face and hair.


Inside the body folder you’ll see your chosen body type. In the picture below all the current body types are shown but you’ll only have one body type unless you downloaded more than one option. Which is perfectly fine. MAFKit is set up in a way not to conflict with other options on the MAFKit download page.


Inside the chosen body folder below is what you’ll see. You’ll notice the 5 folders each named after a race. These folders contain the normal map texture used for that particular race. After the folders is the blankdetailmap texture, followed by the body, hands, head textures and last is a freckle texture that you can use instead of the blankdetailmap texture.
The textures you’ll be using come with a Nord normal map as it’s default. If by chance you’re making your follower another race then simply go into the correct folder, cut and paste that normal map and overwrite the default Nord normal map with it. After that you can delete the folders that contain the other race normal maps.
Next is the face folder, inside it you’ll see a similar set up like in the mesh folder with brows, eyes and mouth. If you know which textures you’re using for these folders then you can go ahead and add them. If you’re not quite sure where to find the textures that you want to use then no worries, I’ll show you a really quick way of finding the textures later in this tutorial.
Finally, we have the hair folder and inside it much like in the mesh folder are two examples, one of KS and the other SG hair.
That ends the tour of the folders and now it’s time to gather the tools needed to make a follower. Please click the button to proceed.
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