Much like my previous Make A Follower Kit there are tools and mods that we’ll need.

So let’s make a list…



Make A Follower Kit


Creation Kit (found on Steam under tools)



Also recommended

Alternative Start Live another life

With Alternate Start you can start a new game and go straight into character creation.

I’m guessing you already have a face preset in mind that you want to use for your follower, if not then now is a pretty good time to go into the game and make one 🙂

There are a few bits of information you’ll need during the character creation screen. Watch this very short two minute video for what you’ll need.

If you made a custom hair color then you’ll need the RGB numbers for it. You can just do what I did and screenshot it for later use.

If you used one of the hair colors included in the slider thingie during character creation, then you can skip the screenshot since the hair will be included within the npc file. that’s the file you made when you open console and typed spf TheNameYouGaveIt..

Also with that npc file will be your followers weight and skin tone.. The npc file will recognize custom skin tones so all should be good.

Lastly you’ll need the facegen, created by going to the sculpt tab on the upper right corner and then pressing F5 then enter to make the export.

After that you can close out of the game and if all goes well the next time you go into the game your follower will be part of the game world 🙂

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