Mafkit Healer Addon A Make A Follower Extension Mod For Skyrim

Turn any follower you want into a healer or start from scratch and build your own healer follower with the Make A Follower Kit Healer Addon.

Now Live on the Nexus
Extremely lightweight but effective way to turn any follower into a healer. The MAFKit Healer Addon works as a stand-alone for making new followers from scratch or as an extension for turning any follower in the game whether they are vanilla or custom modded into a healer.
No Scripts
No Modded Dependencies
No Hassles
Just a very easy to use game friendly plugin that works with LE, SSE and on consoles.
Watch the quick video guide to turn any existing follower into a healer.
Or watch this video first to see how to create your own follower using the MAFKit Workshop 2017


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