Fores New Idles in Skyrim – FNIS by fore

Nexus File of the month May 2015

No custom animation possible for Skyrim? Wrong. FNIS Behaviors allows other mods to add different types of animations to the game: idles/poses, sequenced, arm offset, furniture, and paired animations, killmoves, and creature animations.
And, with the demonstration mod FNIS Spells the user has a means to display almost all animation files. Dance animations included.

Note: You will have to run a generator tool GenerateFNISforUsers.exe (part of FNIS Behavior) every time you have installed or uninstalled FNIS, or an FNIS based mod. In addition, when you uninstall a mod that uses FNIS Creatures, you first have press the “De-Install Creatures” button, before you run the “Update FNIS Behaviors”

NEW: The most complete FNIS tutorial (both NMM/MO). Thanks GamerPoets. . . . And a little bit what FNIS is all about. Thank you, shinji72.

FNIS intallation instructions at 1:27, 10:37, and 11:41. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Using Mod Organizer to install FNIS. Thank you gopher for both

Never installed FNIS before? Check out the article Installation Guide FNIS / GenerateFNISforUsers.exe
You are a modder, and interested in Behaviors? Download FNIS for Modders Documentation V5.1 (or later) from the Files section
You are a modder, and want to understand the contents of behavior files? CondenseBehavior represents Behaviors in a condensed form
Want to see creatures animated by custom FNIS behaviors? Go and get FNIS Zoo
Bored of all females walking the same? FNIS Sexy Move will change that
Ready to explore Skyrim from above? Install FNIS Flyer and off you go
Use animations exclusive to the player in an EASY way? Install FNIS PCEA2 and see the potential

Recent Change(s)

FNIS Behavior V6_3 Add-on 2.1 (tktk1 and Centaur race): (Optional files)

  • Adds behavior changes for TK Dodge version 3 and other tktk1 mods.
  • Add behavior changes for Centaur Race Alpha WIP.

Note: This is a fix to the Add-on 2, released 2017/5/10. Install ON TOP of FNIS Behavior V6.3

FNIS Behavior 6.3 XXL: (Optional release)

  • Increases the maximum number of animations by 50% (8000 to 12000)
  • Adds Alternate Animations for npc_turnXXX.hkx

Note: FNIS 6.3 XXL will run slower on PCs with little memory.
It is also likely, that using mods with a total of more than 8000 animations will increase the likelyhood of load CTD. How much? I don’t know. Use at your own risk.

FNIS Behavior 6.3:

  • Fixes an error 9 bug (index out of bounds) when generating with more than 1000 “Sequenced Aniimations”
  • Fixes a (windows) bug which prevents starting the generator when there is no font package “Arial” installed on the user machine
  • Adds detailed exception information in case the OS fails to start the FNIS User Generator in other situations
  • Added a patch (behavior file modifications) for tktk1 mods TK Dodge, Ultimate Combat, TK Combat
  • New/updated translations of FNIS generators: Japanese (thanks to yohru), Portugues (thanks to fofaun1417)

Installation (short version)

  • Install FNIS Behavior V6_3 — ALWAYS necessary
  • Install Creature Pack V5_3 (optional, necessary for creature animation mods)
  • Install FNIS Idle Spells V5_0_1 — ADD-ON for the spells (optional, necessary for the spells)
  • Install other FNIS dependant mods (see mod list below)
  • Goto to your Skyrim Installation directory(usually C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/skyrim), and from there to Data/tools/GenerateFNIS_for_Users
  • Start GenerateFNISforUsers.exe AS ADMINISTRATOR (part of FNIS Behavior, and ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, or NOTHING works)
  • Select Behavior patches (ONLY those you need!)
  • Click “Update FNIS Behavior”
  • Activate the FNIS plugin (FNIS.esp)

When you exit GenerateFNISforUsers.exe, you will be asked if a shortcut to the tool shall be created on your desktop.
Say “YES” (strongly recommended – you will need the generator quite frequently)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Problem shooting “Installation Problems”

When all NPCs move with the dreaded STIFF “half-T” POSE, then this is NO FNIS bug: YOU HAVE DONE SOMETHING WRONG DURING INSTALLATION!

  • Remove the desktop GenerateFNISforUsers.exe desktop short-cut
  • Re-install FNIS Behavior EXACTLY as described in the “Installation (extended)”
  • Fix all errors in the generator’s text field, and give note to all warnings – Errors definitely WILL, Warnings CAN indicate causes of the “half-T” problem
  • DON’T try to be smart moving things around – and DON’T call the generator from 7Zip, WinRar, ….

If the problem persist AND you are using a LEGAL, STEAM based version of Skyrim then do the following:

  • Send me a personal message WITH YOUR LOG FILE (data/tools/GenerateFNIS_for_Users/temporary_logs/GenerateFNIS_LogFile.txt), AND
  • Report your problem WITH SUFFICIENT and PRECISE information in the FNIS discussion thread. Avoid meaningless information like “glitches”, “didn’t work”, “tried all different ways 3 times”

NOTE: I will NOT HELP any PIRATES! First, I don’t support people that don’t support Skyrim. And second, I don’t waste my time chasing down problems which only occur with illegal installations.

Mods using FNIS Behavior



Mods from an all-adult site (in the links replace “LL” with name of the site!!!):

Mods supported by FNIS with patches:


This mod serves both gamers and modders.

Gamers can use it to make characters perform any standard or custom idle by simply copying the (.hkx) animation file under a pre-defined name into a special directory, and activate them by casting the FNIS spells. Note: although there can be different NPCs performing different animations at one time, this mod does not provide any synchronization of these animations, as needed for example in some adult type animation mods.

Modders can generate behavior files to add new idle animations to their mods. To hook these new behavior files into the sytem, it is necessary to modify 4 original behaviors (0_master.hkx, defaultmale.hkx, defaultfemale.hkx, mt_behavior.hkx) for characters, and similar files for each creature for which an FNIS dependent mod exists. Because of the anti-modding structure of these behaviors, my mod will always be incompatible to all other mods which modify these files as well. To make 2 behavior modifying mods compatible, they have to be integrated into one set of behaviors. That’s why GenerateFNISforUsers.exe has an integrated “Patch Management”, which takes care of necessary Behavior changes for other behavior changing mods, like PC Exclusive Animation Path.

FNIS animations can be used for all kind of simple animation tasks, (hopefully) including idle based combat overhauls like Oblivion’s DR6 and CCAO. However due to the lack of necessary behavior information they cannot be used for regular combat animations.

(For more modding related information see FNIS 4.0 for Modders Documentation in the files section)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
FNIS Spells

On start-up the player automatically receives 3 spells:

  • FNIS Spell Selector: This (self) spell allows you to select 1 of 72 Idle Animation which will be used for the next Idle Spells (NPC or player). By installation, most of these animations are pre-set with standard animations, but it also includes all 17 of Umpa’s Dance Animation for Modder (animations C10 to C26), and dualsun’s Funny Animations And Idles (animations C28 to C34, A1 to A4). For a complete list of the used spells, see Data/meshes/actors/character/animations/FNISSpells/FNIS_Animations.txt.
  • FNIS NPC Idles: This (target) spell makes the casted NPC perform the selected idle. On standing NPCs the idle will run until you interrupt by casting again. But unfortunately, in some cases the animation can be also interrupted by or blended with the movement of other standard animation of the NPC’s regular animation schedule.
  • FNIS Player Idles: This (self) spell forces the player into 3rd person and makes her perform the selected idle. The will run until you interrupt, e.g. by jumping up (space bar).

If you want to cast animations of your choice, you can simply replace the files in meshes/actors/character/animations/FNISSpells by your own files:

  • FNISSPc001.hkx to FNISSPc045.hkx (for cyclic animations)
  • FNISSPa001.hkx to FNISSPa009.hkx (for acyclic animations)
  • FNISSPo001.hkx to FNISSPo018.hkx (for cyclic animations using AnimObjects)
  • FNISSPb001.hkx to FNISSPb009.hkx (for acyclic animations using AnimObjects)

If you change AnimObject (‘o’ or ‘b’) animations, you should also change the corresponding AnimObjects in meshes/AnimObjects/FNIS

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Skyrim uses 2 gender specfic behavior files (defaultfemale.hkx, defaultmale.hkx) to list ALL animation files used in the game. These files cannot be used for different compatible mod changes. One mod will always overwrite other mods default files. Therefore FNIS attempts to incorporate changes made by other mods (fortunatley there are not many). This is done with the GenerateFNISforUsers.exe “Patch Management”. However, FNIS will not include other (animation) files from these mods. So if you want to use the patches, you will still have to install these mods as well, before running the generator.


There are 2 more patches without required base mods:

  • SKELETON arm fix: this change (originally introduced by mirap for CHSBHC) fixes arm animation glitches in many animations, caused by the additional bones in custom skeletons. This patch checks for the actually installed skeletons (female and male), and applies skeleton specific modifications to the behavior files.
  • Note: the generator currently recognizes the CHSBHC, XPMS, and TBBP skeletons, but will also work for all complete skeleton definitions (with both .nif AND .hkx files). However, skeletons with INCOMPLETE definition (no .hkx files) like “The skeleton of female models” or “Custom Skeleton Replacer” CANNOT be properly patched.

  • GENDER specific animations: in Skyrim only a few animations are defined gender specific (different animations in the “Animations/female” and “Animations/male” folder. This patch allows you to make other animations gender specific provided they are “properly” created by the animators, see the Note). If you want to use such animations (e.g xp32’s New Animation Pack, dualsun’s Pretty Combat Idles, or NonokuraSan’s Female Animation Pack), simply copy them into your “Animations/female” (or “male”), and use this patch.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Bug Fixes
FNIS Behaviors incorporate the following bug fixes for vanilla Skyrim (without the need for the user to actively do anything):

  • Death after hug fix: a character (player or NPC) drops dead after executing the paired hug animation (paired_huga.hkx). This death happens when the character “should” have died before and has gone into the bleedout state after a brawl, or because s/he is essential.
  • Proper Spell Cast Direction fix by Staff of Flames: a person bends his spine backwards when he is aiming towards something flying in the sky(a dragon, for example). This natural posture happens to all NPCs in Skyrim and to the player when he is using a bow, but not when the player is using magic.
  • Modified 1hm_behavior.hkx to include the Dual Dagger Power Attack Speed Fix by Alek: fixes dual power attack speed scaling when using daggers, which will now be affected by Dual Flurry perks, Elemental Fury shout or any other kind of attack speed buffs.


I’m getting Error messages when I call GenerateFNISforUSers.exe. What can I do?
All error codes greater than 2000 are logical errors found by the Generator. Errors less than 2000 are reported by Windows. Most of the reports should be self-explanatory. Before you can work with FNIS, you need to solve all errors shown in the textfield. Also look at the warnings. They can also indicate problems that prevent FNIS from working properly (like incompatibilities). Some specific error messages:

  • Error 5 (Access denied): You have to run as Administrator. Right-click on the Generator (in in Explorer, or on the desktop Link) and click “Run as Administrator”.
  • Error 53 (File not found): You probably have an incomplete installation -> Re-Install FNIS Behavior. If the problem persist then then this can be caused by an AntiVirus program giving a fals positive (WebRoot and SuperAntiSpyware have caused a lot of trouble in the past). Deactivate your AV during FNIS installation.
  • Error 2019 (Temporary directory does not exist. Bad Installation?): (1) You are running GenerateFNISforUSers.exe from a wrong place. Most likely from out of the archive file. DON’T do that. Or (2) you have an incomplete installation -> Download and Re-Install FNIS Behavior

(“Animation Problems”) After installing FNIS I suddenly have animations problems (stiff half-T pose, or other glitches). Why?
Principally, FNIS Behaviors correctly installed and generated (without patches) add additional animations, and DO NOT INFLUENCE OTHER ANIMATIONS IN ANY FORM! There are a numer of possible causes, which can make FNIS look like it is breaking animations:

  • You have ignored ERRORS or WARNINGS in your last generator run. Don’t do this. They are there for some reason.
  • You are running a cracked Skyrim. In the past apparant cracks have shown symptoms I have not seen in Steam versions.
  • Your game cache is corrupted. Run Steam Verify Cache (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim -> RMB -> Properties -> Local Files -> Verify Integrity Game Cache …). Another reason not to use cracks.
  • You are running a custom skeleton which comes with a skeleton.nif only, and not a corresponding skeleton.hkx (e.g. Custom Skeleton Replacers). Installing XP32 Maximum Skeleton – XPMS first usually should fix the problem.
  • You run the Dragenborn DLC and use a custom dragon skeleton. Remove it.
  • Principally all DLCs and mods have bugs. Check the appropriate threads.

I got the warning “Generator not run from a legal (Steam) Skyrim installation directory”
This is a warning (only) that indicates, that your installation is not recognized as a legal steam installation. The generator is not effected by this. However, I will NOT support you with any installation problem you might have. Most users seeing this warning are using an illegal or pirated Skyrim copy (and don’t have the proper registry information). And I don’t support Skyrim pirates, and I don’t want to track down possible problems caused by pirate installations.
If you think you got a legal installation

    • check Bethesda’s installing from disc instead of steam thread.
    • you might not have executed the proper steps to relocate your steam folder, as described in Moving a Steam Installation and Games.
    • if you have used “Steam Verify Cache”, it might have removed one of the required registry entries. Start Skyrim once through the “Skyrim Launch” (and not through SKSE)
    • or, most likely, a hyperactive registry cleaner (CCLeaner?) has removed the registry entries used for this check. You can do a “quick” re-install (thanks to wtfmanreally):
    • 1- Backup your Skyrim local files with Steam (right click on Skyrim in games library, Backup Game Files).2- Delete Skyrim local files from the library (right click on Skyrim, Delete Local Content…).3- In steam, go to Steam->Backup and Restore… and select Restore a Previous Backup, click on Next.4- Click on Browse and select the folder “The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim”. Click on Next.5- From here on it will ask if you want to install the game. Everything else should run as a normal Steam install.6- Make a backup of your old load order (files in “X:/Users/Username/AppData/Local/Skyrim” and your old .ini files (.ini files in “Documents/My Games/Skyrim”).7- Start Skyrim through your Games Library. This will bring up the launcher. Click on Play.8- Restore your load order and .ini files backups, since the official Skyrim launcher screwed them up.


(“Load CTD”) After I ran the generator, Skyrim aborts (CTD) when loading a save file. An FNIS bug?
No. Skyrim’s memory Management is buggy, and the more you add to Skyrim, the greater the likelyhood that you see CTDs, especially on save load. I personally have NO load CTD with 1500 animations, about 0.5 with 3000 animations, and about 3-6 CTD with 4000 animations before the game is loaded. Interestingly, once Skyrim starts sucessfully, an immediate re-load of the same file will almost always succeed, even with 4000+ animations. So there is an apparent dependency between memory usage and CTD frequency. Here my advice when you have an unacceptable CTD rate:

  • Install SKSE 1.7.0 Alpha or later. This will install “sheson’s memory patch”, which will not totally cure Skyrim, but geatly reduce CTD likelyhood. Make sure you have a Data/SKSE/skse.ini file with the following lines:
  • [Memory]DefaultHeapInitialAllocMB=768ScrapHeapSizeMB=512

  • Make a “clean save”. Skyrim’s problems to deal with updates of scripted mods is another big CTD cause.
  • At least temporarily reduce the number of FNIS based mods. Pinup Poser, for example, is a great mod. But I can’t understand why user keep a pose mod active all the time when they suffer from frequent CTDs.

(“.NET Problems”) The generator gives some other strange error messages like “0x800A0005 (CTL_E_ILLEGALFUNCTIONCALL)”, “.NET Framework Initialization Error”, or aborts immediately after double-clicking.
Most likely you have a corrupted Windows or .NET installation, which can even be caused by undetected viruses. Use the Windows Event Viewer eventvwr.mscto find clues about the cause of the failure. If it indicates .NET problems, then re-install .NET from Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Standalone Installer). If this does not help use .NET Framework Setup Verification Tool and Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool. The following links might give additional information: .NET 40 Redistib install error “failed with 0x240006” and Possible issue where .NET Framework 4 setup reports success but fails …. This .NET Framework Setup Verification Tool User’s Guide seemed to solve many issues. If nothing helps, and before you have to completely re-install windows, you might consider How to Perform an In-Place Upgrade on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 & Windows Server 2008 R2.

What is a “clean save” (or “cleaned save”), and how can I make one?
There are (hardly understood) mechanisms in the engine which cause problems with updates of scripted mods. The mixture of old save data, new scripts, quests, and objects can cause all kinds of problems. When it does not help to use another save, where FNIS Spells have not been used during the last 3 minutes, you should try with a “clean save”

  • Dismiss any follower
  • Go to a vanilla interior cell
  • Equip only vanilla equipment
  • Save and Quit
  • Deactivate all pugins that you want to update (or, all except Skyrim.esm and Update.esm)
  • Run, load the previous save, save again -> THIS is your “clean save”
  • Activate your plugins

There are more complicated “clean save” procedures reported, but they might only be necessary for more complicated mods

Why is it necessary to call GenerateFNISforUsers.exe every time I (re-)install or delete an FNIS based mod?
Behavior files were not intended by Bethesda to be moddable, so there is no native plugin interface for that. I’m aware that it was easier for the user with FNIS 2.1 and before. But it was impossible add some new FNIS features without a generator tool

Why is GenerateFNISforUsers.exe not integrated into the NMM installation?
NMM’s fomm/C# interface does not allow to start programs. I tried (really) ALL Nexus channels to make aware of the need, but unfortunately to no avail.

Is there a way to make it easier calling the generator tools?
When you exit the generator tool (the 1st time) you are asked, if you want a link created on your desktop (with a clearly visible “F” icon). If you don’t have this link yet, remove Data/tools/GenerateFNIS_for_Users/DontAskAgainForLink.txt, start the tool again, and exit.

I have uninstalled one of the mods which use FNIS Behavior. Now I get CTD when loading a save file.
That’s a sytem reaction when a behavior file is missing. Run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe and you should be fine again.

I’m a 1st person player, but my player is freqently changing to 3rd person, especially after starting the game.
This is an unavoidable side-effect of the FNIS Alternate Animation functionality (which is used by mods like FNIS Sexy Move, PCEA2, or XPMSE). The animations are depending on setting (3rd person) animation variables, and this can only be done in 3rd person. FNIS isself is changing to 3rd person only when loading a save, and the installed mods have changed. Other mods like FNIS Sexy Move and FNIS PCEA2 do this on every start, and every time you change something in their MCM menu. XPMSE waits until the user herself switches from 1st to 3rd, but this (great) solution is not very helpful when many mods do the same. All other 1st/3rd effects (like repeated 3rd person switch) are caused by older versions of the mods mentioned here. Or new mods coming up.

Starting with FNIS 6.0 there is an FNIS.esp. Do I really need this? And if so, where do I put it in the load order.
FNIS.esp is needed when you have at least one mod using the FNIS Alternate Animation (AA) functionality, like in XPMSE, PCEA2, or Sexy Move. But even if you don’t use one of these, I don’t recommend deactivating FNIS.esp. Because if you do, and if you THEN add such mods, you will certainly not know why all of the sudden things don’t work. And you can put FNIS.esp first in your list. Though it doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t conflict with anything, and is only needed once after game load.

I want to run the Generator on Linux, but it cannot be run there because of .NET 4.x.
Here is what you can do (thanks to hellgeist):
1- On any version of Linux, install VirtualBox, put windows XP on it
2- Update windows and Install .Net 4
3- Install Skyrim and patch it via Steam.
4- Use VMWare Tools to add a shared drive so you can port files between Linux and XP.
5- Copy the Data folder from your main install on linux and overwrite the windows one.
6- Install the ForesNewIdles in Skyim-FINIS mod, and run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe
7- Make sure your main Linux data folder is backed up.
8- Copy the updated Data folder from VirtualBox (Windows) Skyrim and overwrite your main one on Linux
9- Close VirtualBox and run Skyrim.

I’m a modder and have a mod which conflicts with the behavior files modified by FNIS. How can I be compatible with FNIS?
Talk to me. I can add your behavior changes as patches to the FNIS generator. However, I have ONE big requirement: I’m not going to figure out what your changes are compared to the vanilla xml file. That can be a verytedious task. I need EXACTLY what you changed in the vanilla file (similar to a UNIX diff).



  • Microsoft .NET 4.0 (follow the link when GenerateFNISforUsers.exe issues a corresponding error message)
  • Administrator rights to your Skyrim installation directories

NMM Installation (extended)

  • Under FNIS Behavior V6_3 click “Download with Manager”. Say “Yes” when asked “Overwrite?”, say “No” when asked “Update?”
  • If you want to use Creature Animation mods: Under Creature Pack V5_3 click “Download with Manager”. Say “Yes” when asked “Overwrite?”, say “No” when asked “Update?”
  • Under FNIS Spells V5_0_1 — ADD-ON for the spells click “Download with Manager”. Say “Yes” when asked “Overwrite?”, say “No” when asked “Update?”
  • In the NMM Plugins tab, make sure FNIS.esp is ticked
  • In the NMM Plugins tab, make sure FNISSpells.esp is ticked
  • Install other FNIS dependant mods (see mod list above)
  • Click “Launch FNIS” from the NMM “Supported Tools” pull-down
  • Select necessary Behavior patches in the Possible Patches field (make sure you have the patched mod installed!)
  • Click Update FNIS Behavior (this will create your installation-specific behavior files)
  • Click Behavior Consistence Check (optional, checks if new mods have defined inconsitent stuff)
  • Click Exit. Say “Yes” when asked to “Create a shortcut on your desktop?” (strongly recommended, you will need the generator quite frequently)

Manual Installation (extended)

Note: there are many ways to manually install. This is “my way”:

  • Create a temporary directory <temp_dir> (name of your choice)
  • Download FNIS Behavior V6_3 into <temp_dir>
  • If you want to use Creature Animation mods: Download Creature Pack V5_3 into <temp_dir>
  • Download FNIS Spells V5_0_1 — ADD-ON for the spells into <temp_dir>
  • Open and extract FNIS Spells with your favorite archive program (e.g. 7zip) into into <temp_dir>
  • Open and extract Creature Pack V5.3.7z into into <temp_dir>
  • Open and extract FNIS Behavior 6.3.7z into into <temp_dir> – Say “Yes” when asked to “Integrate…”. Now you should have a “<temp_dir>/Data” folder with 3 subfolders: “Meshes”, “Tools”, And “Scripts”.
  • Drag and drop the <temp_dir>/Data folder into your Skyrim installation directory (usually C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/skyrim). Say “Yes” when asked “Overwrite?”, or when asked to “Integrate…”
  • Install other FNIS dependant mods (see mod list above)
  • Goto to your Skyrim Installation directory, and from there to Data/tools/GenerateFNIS_for_Users
  • Start (double-click)  GenerateFNISforUsers.exe (part of FNIS Behavior) ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, or NOTHING works
  • Select necessary Behavior patches in the Possible Patches field (make sure you have the patched mod installed!)
  • Click Update FNIS Behavior (this will create your installation-specific behavior files)
  • Click Behavior Consistence Check (optional, checks if new mods have defined inconsitent stuff)
  • Click Exit. Say “Yes” when asked to “Create a shortcut on your desktop?” (strongly recommended, you will need the generator quite frequently)
  • Start Steam and click “Play”
  • In “Data Files” tick FNIS.esp
  • In “Data Files” tick FNISSpells.esp

Mod Organizer Installation (courtesy of MistakenMystic)

  • Download FNIS using the “Download with manager” button.
  • Open the ‘Downloads’ tab and double-click to install FNIS Behaviour 6.3.
  • Select the ‘Manual’ option and expand the FNIS Behaviour 6.3 label using the arrow icon to its left.
  • Right-click the ‘Data’ label now visible and select “Set data directory”.
  • Message at the bottom of the dialog changes to read: ‘Looks good’.
  • Hit ‘OK’.
  • A dialog should appear if you already have a previous version asking to ‘Merge, Replace, Rename or Cancel’. Select ‘Rename’ and rename it to something specific.
  • At this stage the FNIS Behaviour 6.3 and any previous versions will be installed together.
  • Deselect any previous version of FNIS Behaviour and activate ONLY the FNIS Behaviour 6.3 and any animation packages you want.
  • —–IMPORTANT—– : If you have already set up FNIS in the ‘Executables’ list and created shortcuts either on the toolbar or the desktop, these will be pointing to the wrong generator and will produce errors.
  • Modify the list to point to the correct executable and ensure you save this by pressing, “Modify”.
  • You can now run this tool via the ‘Run’ drop-down selection box or via a shortcut and FNIS will run and update the animations.

Things to keep in mind:

  • If you choose to overwrite the previous installation or replace it with the new, you can not switch back to 5.2 without installing it again.
  • If you follow this preferred method ensure you deactivate the 6.2 version first or ensure version 6.3 has a higher priority or else you will have version mismatch errors.
  • Modify all existing shortcuts and executable paths to point to the current version.


NMM Uninstall

First, if you have the FNIS Creature Pack installed: Open the Generator and press “De-Install Creatures”.
Then deactivate both FNIS Behavior, FNIS Creature Pack, and FNIS Spells in NMM’s Mods tab. That should take care of everything. To be totally sure that there are no behavior remnants, delete the following files, if they should still exist:

  • Data/Meshes/actors/character/behaviors/0_master.hkx
  • Data/Meshes/actors/character/behaviors/mt_behavior.hkx
  • Data/Meshes/actors/character/characters/defaultmale.hkx
  • Data/Meshes/actors/character/characters female/defaultfemale.hkx
  • Data/Meshes/animationsetdatasinglefile.txt
  • Data/FNISspell.esp

Manual Uninstall

First, if you have the FNIS Creature Pack installed: Open the Generator and press “De-Install Creatures”.
After that, remove the following files or directories:

  • Data/FNISspell.esp
  • Data/Meshes/actors/character/animations/FNIS
  • Data/Meshes/actors/character/animations/FNISBase
  • Data/Meshes/actors/character/animations/FNISSpells
  • Data/Meshes/actors/character/behaviors/0_master.hkx
  • Data/Meshes/actors/character/behaviors/mt_behavior.hkx
  • Data/Meshes/actors/character/behaviors/FNIS*.hkx
  • Data/Meshes/actors/character/characters/defaultmale.hkx
  • Data/Meshes/actors/character/characters female/defaultfemale.hkx
  • Data/Meshes/animationsetdatasinglefile.txt
  • Data/Meshes/AnimObjects/FNIS
  • Data/Tools/GenerateFNIS_for_Modders
  • Data/Tools/GenerateFNIS_for_Users

Known Restrictions and Incompatibilities

  • This mod is incompatible with every other mod which modifies behavior files (character or creatures). However, when you are a modder and willing to cooperate, then I’m happy to add your behavior changes as patches into the FNIS generated behaviors. But beware, I need precise information about your changes, as delta to the original files. It really pays to document your changes in the behavior files from the beginning of your development. Like you can see it in FNIS’ templates for the generated files.
  • It’s a little tricky to end the player’s idles. Reason is that the CK doesn’t provide an event for hitting a key (for interruption). The easiest way to end a player idle is to use space to jump up, then toggle to 1st to re-gain casting ability. Note: this spell DOES NOT change your standard idle(s). It only makes the the player character play the idle until you interrupt.

Usage for MODDERS

See FNIS for Modders Documentation in the files section.

A short syntax for Anim definition can be found at the top of each FNIS (character) AnimList (e.g. FNIS_FNISBase_List.txt)

History (major steps)

2012/03/01 V1.0 . . Initial Relase
2012/05/14 V2.0 . . Moved all FNIS Behavior functionality into a seperate file (FNIS_behavior.hkx)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Added functionality for acyclic, cyclic AnimObject, and acyclic AnimObject. Added 400 cyclic slots.
2012/07/08 V3.0 . . First version using generator tool, which allows for mod specific, parametrized behavior files
2013/02/20 V3.5 . . Generator: Generalized Skeleton patch, fix Turkish “i” problem, and for legal Skyrim check after Verify Cache
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Spells: Re-generated with Skyrim 1.8 CK and Papyrus (hopefully avoiding some unexplainable CTDs with PCEA)
2013/10/02 V4.0 . . Adds creature support. Adds furniture and arm offset animations to the game (modifications in mt_behavior.hkx)
2013/12/08 V4.1 . . Changed behavior strucrute (humanoids and creatures) to avoid Load Game CTD conditions
2014/02/08 V5.0 . . Added Paired Animation and Killmove support
2014/06/01 V5.1 . . Added Alternate Animations for non-weapon walk/run, and option for Animated Camera.
2014/11/06 V5.2 . . Added (modder) parameter to make animations send arbitrary trigger events (e.g. to allow animation triggered soundplay)
2015/04/02 V5.3 . . Added (modder) parameter motion/rotation(MD, RD), set AnimVars (-AV, -AVI), AnimCam set/reset (-ac1, -ac0)
2015/04/23 V5.4 . . Added alternate weapon equip/unequip animations (for use with XPMSE2 and RaceMenu)
2015/05/28 V5.5 . . Added custom animation pre-cache, and ch animation type
2015/11/01 V6.0 . . New Alternate Animations system for 537 standard animation files
2015/12/01 V6.1 . . New function “T” to re-define triggers for alternate animations, included “Dual Dagger Power Attack Speed Fix”, bug fixes for pre-cache, error(9), …
2015/12/02 V6.2 . . Fixed error(2005) for users no using a mod with Alternat Animation functionality; updated Russian language file
2016/06/07 V6.3 . . Fixed error(9) for users with more than 1000 “Sequenced Animations”
2016/07/19 V6.3 XXL . Optional version to allow 12000 animations max (instead of 8000). Added Altzernate ANimations for npc_turn


TheFigment aka The Hologram for his invaluable hkxcmd
Umpa for Dance Animation for Modder
dualsun for Funny Animations And Idles
mirap for the CHSBHC arm fix
cougarbg(Bulgarian), Zimitry(Español], latranchedepain(Français), speleologo(Italiano), vicpl(Polski), kapasov(Russian), xyzeratul/liu5166518 (Chinese), fofaun1417/NomexPT(Português), sssSami(Norsk), 1stchannel(Indonesian), Luke2135(Hungarian), yohru(Japanese) for Generator translations
somebody4 for input, feedback and test for pre-cache functionality. And for pushing me in moments when I wanted to give up on this matter.

Future Plans

  • Make a PCEA like mod based of FNIS Alternate Animations functionality.


The FNIS Behavior can only be downloaded and used in the described way. Without my express permission you are NOT ALLOWED

  • to upload FNIS Behavior TO ANY OTHER SITE
  • to distribute FNIS Behavior as part of another mod
  • to distribute modified versions of FNIS Behavior
  • to make money with files which are part of FNIS Behavior, or which are created with the help of FNIS Behavior

You can use and modify FNIS Idle Spells in any way that does not prevent running (the original) FNIS Idles Spells in its described way. Simply give credit, and inform me when you include it into your mod.

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