Make A Follower Kit (MAFKit) Workshop

Welcome and thank you for downloading the Make A Follower Kit (MAFKit) Workshop.

Through the MAFKit Workshop folders you’ll see links to this tutorial. Please follow this tutorial closely as it will guide you through the process to make your own custom stand-alone follower.

I promise to keep the tutorial short and to straight the point.

Let’s begin!

After downloading the zip file from the Nexus and extracting it, you should see two folders one named “meshes” and the other “textures”

Below that you should see the plugin (.esp file) that you downloaded from the MAFKit Workshop on the Nexus.

Go ahead and change the name of the plugin. Please change it to something unique. Personally I usually use my gamer tag “Asherz” followed by the followers name.

Example: “MAFKit_Workshop_CBBE_Curvy.esp” I would change to something like “Asherz_FollowersName.esp

You want it unique so not to conflict with anyone else who may use the same name..


One more example and this would be bad if you do it, so save yourself the frustration and don’t do it. 🙂

Example: “MAFKit_Workshop_CBBE_Curvy.esp” is now

Naming the plugin only Amy is not unique and therefor not a good idea because it may conflict with another mod with the same name.

So go ahead rename the plugin but be unique..

After you have done that, please go into the the meshes folder and click below for the next step.

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