Pretty Motion Collection by Dualsun


PrettyMotion Collection Provide some of high quality figure poses and some personal design custom idle/animations, You can use them to capture a nice screenshot for your character in Skyrim. New version use mcm menu to manage poses list, Select and play poses, It should much easier than ring version, you can see my preview video that you know how it work.

My PrettyMotion have own script, It will not conflict with pinup pose mcm, So you can use them together.

Pose MCM Provide by jianeddie
Fnis is request.

V1.2  Preview + Idles List


animobject list credit:
obj list:
1.nh_dkspear glaive from steam (down
2.ReikoRedux samurai blade (down
3.bow/ glaives from GomaperoPose pack
4.little card I make by myself
5.daisho Hanakotoba Katana Sets by Yurica
6.Narsil Isilmeriel LOTR Weapons Collection
7.gun no idea where I got.
8.umbrella from Oriental Umbrella
9.Mic from Dance Synchronizator
10.TYPEMOON Weapons
11.Darksoul Weapon (Glaives/scythe/Dagger/Halberd/katana)
12.WarriorWithin (chakram/rustam)
13.Machine Gun (Gmp5/Gsmg)
14.Aether Suite bou
16.Magicka Sabers
18.Warglaive of Azzinoth
19.JaySuS Swords baster sword
20.Chevaleresse II greatsword weapon
21. ForeverSoul ygrayne and lion shield

I have use above mod some meshes and textures for my poses mod for animobject, If you are the authors of above list, and not allow I use it, pm me and I will remove it, Thanks.

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