Best Skyrim Modding & Screenarchery Facebook Groups

If you’re into modding Skyrim then chances are you’re a member of several mod groups on Facebook. In this post We’ll take a look at several of my favorite groups. This is of course my opinion only and what I may like about a group you may not feel the same way but this also maybe helpful to those looking for a good group that is not only helpful, knowledgeable, very active but also have some of the best screenarchery of Skyrim on FB.


The first group I like to mention is Skyrim Xtreme   If you been in Skyrim FB groups chances are you seen the incredible screenarchery, mods and vast information shared by Skyrim Xtremes administrators Basti Van HöftTrần Nam Thanh and Dave Arutemisha.

Skyrim Xtreme is a very friendly, laid back group with very informative guides, mod suggestions packed into the discussion topics along with some of the most stunning screenarchery you’ll see. The group while small in membership numbers is very active and continues to grow.



Key Features:

  • Members under 1000
  • Language – English only
  • Informative modding guides – helpful community
  • Seems to be primarily PC and I’m not sure if the group is console friendly.
  • Screenarchery – sexy, seems to favor realism over anime like appearances.
  • Both Straight and LGBT friendly. The group truly lives up to the saying “We’re all brothers and sisters of Skyrim.”

Skyrim Brasil


Another great group which is run by Kahena Velora, Hadovkiin Quondam, Elayne Costa   and Fabrício Siqueira  is called Skyrim Brasil. I know some of you are thinking “I don’t speak Portuguese and while helpful especially since they like post and comments to be in their native language it is not at all necessary to know Portuguese to enjoy this group. Also FB’s translator does a pretty good job at translating Portuguese.

This group is a mix of funny captions, various topics and stunning screenarchery.

Key Feature:

  • Members over 15,000
  • Language – Portuguese but may sometimes be tolerable of other languages.
  • Fun captions, topics and amazing screenarchery.
  • Both PC and console friendly
  • Screenarchery seems to favor realism over anime

Myself being an MMORPG gamer, especially for pvp I know first hand that Brazilians and other Portuguese speaking people are hardcore gamers with an extremely competitive spirit. I have the utmost respect for them and I am very happy to be a part of their gaming communities.

Skyrim Việt Nam

Next we have some of the most amazing screenarchers on the internet today. They bring an Eastern flare and style, mixed with a more anime appeal. The group is called Skyrim Việt Nam. It is run by Khôi Đặng and host several Facebook pages that focus on fictional characters as well as in-depth modding guides. FB translator doesn’t do as good of a job translating Vietnamese as it does with the Skyrim Brasil group but don’t let that stop you from seeing some of the best screenshots you’ll see in an FB group.

Key Features

  • Members – Over 3000
  • Language – Vietnamese but also welcoming and friendly toward non-native speakers.
  • Fun captions, topics and amazing screenarchery.
  • Both PC and console friendly
  • Screenarchery seems to favor anime over realism and is very Eastern influenced.
  • Linked facebook pages to fictional characters and modding guides

I really enjoy the screenarchery of this group and if you too enjoy stunning screenshots then I urge you to join.

Skyrim Mod Hoarders

Last but not least, Skyrim Mod Hoarders which is a group run by me Daniel Asherz. Yes I know there is no shame in my game and so forth the shameless plug to my own group. Which I originally created with the intention of it being a Follower modding group but have since expanded it to include all Skyrim modding. Skyrim Mod Hoarders focuses on fixing issues within a modded game as well as a haven for some great screenarchery. Some frequent sharers of their amazing work include Lamusa, Nattawut, Lance, sleepytigereyes as well as many more.

Key Features:

  • Members – Under a 1000
  • Language – Primarily English but welcomes post and comments of all languages.
  • Informative answers to modding issues and very risque sometimes over the top screenarchery
  • Primarily PC but Lance has shown me the light and Hoarders is now also very welcoming to console gamers
  • Screenarchery is both a mix of realism and anime but tend to lean toward the anime side much of the time
  • Linked website to the Make A Follower Kit (MAFKit)


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