Asherz Quick Start For Pose Mods in Skyrim LE

Okay so you been modding and playing Skyrim for a while now and your game is starting to look really good but your screenshots are still somewhat plain compared to those that post screenshots using posing mods. You maybe a little confused on where and how to start using poser mods. If that’s you then this guide is for you.

As with modding Skyrim in general, there are many routes to take when installing and using poser mods. This is one of those routes. I believe this is the easiest way for anyone to get started.

Before we begin we’ll need the pre-requirements which by now you probably already have installed, so I won’t go into detail about them other than leaving their links on this page. Also check each mod page for any pre-requirements these mods may need. If you’re missing anything from the list below then take a moment to download and install now.

These requirements are:

Please keep in mind that some poser and animation mods may need addition mods in addition to the above list in order to properly work but they are not necessary for this quick start guide.

*Also download and install Fores New Idles in Skyrim optional file called FNIS Spells it will be needed for this guide.

Now we’ll need some pose mods, I decided to go with one of the more popular pose mods available which is

Mod Organizer users can download the zip straight to their MO download folder or if it’s downloaded elsewhere then cut and paste it into your MO download folder.

For NMM Users – follow this link here  ( I prefer MO v1_3_11 myself. )

Once the Halo Poser is in your MO download folder then right click to install. You may get a pop-up window like the one below just click no.

The next window will offer you several options, just follow these steps:

  • Right click on “01 – Poser Hotkeys Version
  • Then select “Set data directory”
  • click “OK” and install


Now that Halo Poser is install let’s download and install Poser Hotkeys

Poser Hotkeys –

During installation of Poser Hotkeys follow these instructions:

  • Make sure “Install Main Files” is checked
  • Also in the “Optional Poser Data” click the “FNIS Spells” checkbox

Finish the installation of Poser Hotkeys.

  • Run LOOT to sort your plugin list
  • Run FNIS to generate your poses

You are now ready to go into game. Once in game go to the MCM and click on Poser Hotkeys. There you will see a hotkey map informing of which keys to press.

When you want an NPC to do a pose just stand in front of them and press the Home key

If you want the player character to do a pose simply press the Home key while no NPC is targeted by you.

When you want the player character or the NPC to end the pose then press the End key.

As I mentioned above you can find the rest of the hot key commands in the MCM and even choose different keys for them if you so wish.

This guide will get you started and from there you can add more Pose mods and if that Pose mod comes with a patch for Poser Hotkeys or if the Poser Hotkeys has the patch included in the installer then you’ll be able to use that pose mod with Poser Hotkeys.

This is by far the easiest way that I know of to managing your pose mods in game.

If this guide worked for you then do me a favor and hit the share buttons. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.

thanks for reading and happy gaming!





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