Skyrim Modding Community’s Biggest Lie: The GTX Scandal

Most people are aware by now about the incident that took place years ago on the Nexus mod site. Where VinAri0807 claimed that SkyrimGTX stole his mod. VinAri0807 took a lot of time and effort in creating a case that SkyrimGTX did steal his mod. When I first read VinAri0807’s wall of text I too fell for it. He made a believable case, why would someone go through so much trouble going after someone if it weren’t true?

At least that’s what I thought when I read it. I didn’t create mods back then, I only used them. When I read this I haven’t even ventured into the Creation Kit yet. So I had no reason not to believe VinAri0807. At the time I wasn’t familiar with the Nexus administers so I assumed they were fair and just people. Of course anyone who spent some time on the Nexus knows that the Nexus Admins are very bias, very self center and for the most part only care about their own selfish gains.

So anyway seeing is believing, now that I understand a bit about the Creation Kit and mod creation in general. I decided to go inside both the AstridRenewal and Emily the Silent Avenger mod.

The first thing I did was check for errors in the Creation Kit. First Astrid came up without any errors whatsoever. It’s a good clean file. 

However when I checked Emily for errors the mod basically comes up a hot mess that is loaded with error after error. This should not have even been published with so many errors.While VinAri0807 claims SkyrimGTX’s Astrid is a mock up version of his mod it is obvious within 20 seconds of loading both mods in Tes5edit that Emily the Silent Avenger is a very conflicted and broken mod while AstridRenewal is indeed a smooth running non-conflicting mod.

I ask you this, how does one steal a mod that is very broken and only change the name of the follower but yet the supposedly “stolen mod”  is in perfect working condition?  It’s an easy answer, SkyrimGTX didn’t steal the mod. He created his own version of Babydoll.

Let’s now examine how both mods were put together.

Emily was put together by head parts, (look below within the red circle) VinAri made additional head part forms for the brow, eyes, head and most importantly the hair. This is the most common way of preparing a custom npc so the author can merge the facegens using Nif Merge. Also notice the name “victoria” I’ll touch base on that later.

Astrid (green circle) however does not use additional head part forms. Astrid solely relies on the facegen that was created during character creation. Astrid’s hair is added to the follower through armor and armor Addon forms. Astrid hair is hdt which can not be merged through nif merge. Nif Merge can not read HDT thus SkyrimGTX added the hair as a wig through the armor forms.

These are two completely different techniques, there is nothing remotely close to these methods being the same. It is utterly impossible for SkyrimGTX to have stolen the headparts in question when he didn’t even use head part forms when creating Astrid.

VinAri0807 insist that SkyrimGTX used the same exact assets. See for yourself this is in VinAri’s own words posted to his Emily Nexus page.

VinAri claims SkyrimGTX used the same hairstyle, First off… So what if the hair style is the same? Lots of people used the babydoll hair style. VinAri did not make the hair style nor did he port it to Skyrim. BUT wait just because the hair styles are the same doesn’t mean the hair is the same. SkyrimGTX uses an HDT hair mesh that can only be added through Armor addon forms.

VinAri uses a non-HDT hair mesh that can be ported to the character through head part forms.

They’re completely different hair meshes, different bone weights, HDT that is animated, while VinAri’s version is a static mesh.. The only thing that is the same about the Hair is the look of it in game.. Other then that completely different. So VinAri lied about that.

Next VinAri claims SkyrimGTX used the same eyes, This is also a lie. VinAri used


SkyrimGTX used



Both eye textures come from the mod Eyes of Beauty, neither VinAri or SkyrimGTX own the eye textures. They are 3rd party assets that the mod author of Eyes of Beauty LogRaam graciously allows people to use for their own mods.

So this is another lie made by VinAri0807.

Next VinAri claims SkyrimGTX is using the same skin textures, this is a lie and you can see in the pic below that Astrid and Emily are not sharing the same skin textures. BUT in all honesty even if they were so what? Again it’s a 3rd party asset and is not owned by either SkyrimGTX or VinAri0807.

You can see in the picture below that Astrid has a darker skin tone and most likely does not share the same type of skin textures.

Take a look at both Astrid’s face and Emily’s face. Astrid’s eyes are less round then Emily’s as well as a different color eye texture altogether, Also they do not share the same brow texture. While similar looking hair style, the mesh and structure of the hair are completely different.

Here is something very important to show that SkyrimGTX did not use the same facegen as Emily. Both followers have different weights. Anyone who played around a bit in Racemenu knows that changing the weight of an NPC using the same facegen will break the npc, it will create a neck seam or at the very least a color mismatch between head and body.

Astrid’s weight is set at 100

Emily’s weight is set at 50

Look at the pictures below and you’ll notice Emily has a color mismatch between head and body.. Which most likely means she was made using someone else’s facegen or at the very least a facegen that was created at a different weight.

I’m sure Emily was made with a facegen that was originally used for another follower of VinAri’s named Victoria. Actually the pictures below tells us that VinAri used the same mod that was created for Victoria and only renamed the esp file as well as recreate a new facegen for it. So not only did VinAri0807 publish a broken mod that is loaded with errors but he didn’t even take the time to create a new mod. This is lazy modding, plain and simple, VinAri0807 is a lazy modder.. Also you’ll notice that Astrid comes with her own outfit. Emily uses a default vanilla outfit.

I wanted to take a look at Victoria but unfortunately VinAri0807 has the mod hidden.. I wonder why it’s hidden? Why would anyone need to hide a follower mod?

So what did SkyrimGTX steal? it obviously isn’t the follower mod, they are built completely different, not one single form is similar to the other. VinAri0807 flat out lied about SkyrimGTX stealing his mod. He didn’t steal it, you can see for yourself that SkyrimGTX did not steal VinAri0807’s broken follower mod. That is just a vicious lie made by VinAri0807.

Did SkyrimGTX steal VinAri’s facegen? They look similar but do not share any of the same assets. The hair, brows and eyes are all different. The thing about the Babydoll hair is that it doesn’t matter what the facegen looks like, when you use that hair the face will resemble Babydoll from the movie sucker punch.

See my video from a year ago, just go to 6:55 into the video and I’ll show you. My pointy ear snow elf looks eactly like both Astrid and Emily when I use the Babydoll hair.


My final conclusion and thoughts about this issue is that SkyrimGTX made a version of Babydoll that was simply better than VinAri0807’s in every way possible. So VinAri got butthurt and threw a hissy fit then went after SkyrimGTX with a bunch of bullshit lies. People bought VinAri’s BS and he quickly formed a lynch mob, a witch hunt whatever you want to call it and they went after SkyrimGTX. The Nexus Admins probably thought this would be a good way to show that they mean business when it comes to mod theft and decided to make an example of SkyrimGTX without any real cause to do so. In other words it is in my most humble opinion that SkyrimGTX was thrown under the bus for something he didn’t do.

SkyrimGTX had been branded a mod thief, cast out, exiled, belittled, degraded for something that if anyone would have took 20 minutes to see for themselves would have realized it was all bullshit to begin with.

Shame on the modding community for blindly going along with this!

Now you may think well SkyrimGTX has pulled some shady shit after this also.. Well no shit, he probably has.. He’s already been banned and branded an outlaw within the modding community, he’s been hated by thousands that have no clue why they hate the guy to begin with.

SkyrimGTX is a guy who loves Skyrim, he had no choice to become what you all (we, i’m guilty too) falsely accused him of being. You know what though, they guy stuck with it and never gave up on doing what he loves to do. Despite so many trying to push him away, he kept at it.. he kept modding. That there is a man that loves Skyrim.


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